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Baby Names from the 1890s

 A great place to look for vintage baby names is in the 1890s. If you are interested in old fashioned baby girl names or  this is a great decade to begin your search. The 1890s were a time of Read more [...]

Baby Names from 1880s

A lot of people choose vintage names because they want an established sounding name for their child, or they may want their child's name to evoke the success of a hero in the past. So, if you're looking Read more [...]

Choosing an Unique Old Fashioned Girl Name

// // There are so many options to choose from when choosing a name for your future baby girl. There are modern names, old fashioned names, unique names and popular names to choose from. Names are Read more [...]

How to Avoid Fighting When Choosing a Baby Name…

Choosing the right name for your baby can be a daunting task and will, at some points, cause friction between you and your partner. Choosing the right name often takes months of effort due to the seemingly Read more [...]

Should I involve my friends and parents when choosing baby names?

Choosing the right name for your baby is one of the first acts of love you can grant your child. It's your job to pick out the perfect name. There is no denying the gravity of this task, and at times it Read more [...]

10 things to consider when choosing an Old Fashioned Baby Names

// // Giving a name to your baby is one of the most important decisions you will make for him or her. It’s a decision you don’t want to take quickly and lightly, and is certainly worth putting Read more [...]

Why old fashioned baby names are back in style?

// // If you're a new mom or new dad to be, it's an exciting and sometimes nerve wracking experience to come up with a name for your baby. As a new parent to be, you may have noticed a change in baby Read more [...]